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My name is Megan and I live in North Louisiana. I am 22 with an energetic and crazy two-year old boy whom I refer to in my posts as “Titan”. A year ago we introduced a new member into our little family, my husband, we just celebrated our one year anniversary this past December and so far life has been perfect. We also share our home with our newest member, Grayson, he is a year old German Shepard/Lab mix and very cute and dumb, and smart all that the same time! He keeps us busy, whether its digging holes under the fence or chewing up my birth certificate (been there, done that!) he’s a pretty funny puppy and has been the subject of many stories so far.

  • Where have you lived, and where do you live now?

– I am a Army-brat and was born in Alaska! I moved when I was still really little too Texas then Alabama and a few places in Louisiana. In total I have moved eight times since I became a resident of Louisiana. half of those times were by myself when I claimed my independence from my parents and then moved back home with my tail between my legs. I still live in North Louisiana though, and only 20 minutes from my parents!

  • What do you do for a living?

– Currently I don’t work. I am taking a certification classes for Medical Billing and Coding, which is what my mom does and she’s a big shot here since we don’t have a lot of highly expereienced people that can do it. My mom works ALOT of  jobs but her real passion is teaching and I have learned so much from her than I have taking the online classes. Its a great career to get into and it helps pay for your hobbies and dinner dates!

  • How is it being a mom?

– I wont sugar-coat it… its rough, and I think its just me because none of my othre friends have had any problems with their kids and mine was the first born out of all of them. I had a pretty rough 9 months which included a lot of drama, moving home and a current 3 year child support battle. I’m really lucky to have found my husband and that he is willing to help raise my son even though he’s really quit a butt!

  • List a few of your favorite things.

– raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, Doctor Who!!!!, the color purple, Minecraft, dogs, crafts, elephants, movies, going out, hanging out with friends, looking for new crafts.

  • What made you start blogging/writing?

– I was a fanfic writer in high school but got hit with major writer’s block. Fast forward a few years and here we are. I started crafting after my son was born and since then I have searched for new projects online and I found that people have been blogging these projects! I thought “Hey, why not?” and decided I wanted to give it a try. So here we are, me writing and you reading.  It’s a nice ending to the story, yea?

  • What is your blog about?

– My blog is called “The Seeds and Me” I decided I wanted to document my journey into gardening so I thought what better way to do it than in a blog? So this blog is about my attempts at gardening and my detours into crafting and family. Although family is a big part of it. I’m not just caring for my garden and helping it grow, I’m also caring and growing my family.



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