The Smoothie Smack-Down! The Champion!!!

Last month I was making smoothies everyday for my husband to help fill him up in the mornings and to help him lose inches around his waist for his PT test at the end of the month. I made Banana Oatmeal Smoothie for breakfast and Belly Buster (made with blueberries and flaxseed oil) for the inch lose.

The result of these smoothies came in two wonderful results! First is that my husband lost the two inches he needed to pass his test!! after that we ate so much for the following week that he got sick because his body wasn’t used to eating all that stuff again. 

The second news was given to us just a week ago but first here is some back story to the situation. My husband has been suffering from a decaying knee for many years, this has caused him great pain and stress since it has made his job very difficult. The fear of being discharged from the military has been very real for us and has hung over us all year. His doctor had him take another MRI a few weeks ago after passing his PT test and the doctor spoke with my hubby about possibly doing surgery this month but it would end up with him most likely getting medically discharged and he wouldn’t be able to go on his 7 month deployment in August. Fearing the worst my husband went back for the results of his MRI and selfishly waited until he came home to give me the news.

His knee is healing itself!!!! after probably 4 years of destroying the bone and cartilage, the knee has started fixing itself and we have no idea why. My mother (who is in the medical field but is not a doctor or nurse or technician) thinks that it may have something to with the smoothies. he got a great dose of potassium every day and flaxseed oil and blueberries are really good for you, not to mention I used Almond milk as well and lots of yogurt which is good for the digestive system. I know it probably wasn’t the smoothies that did it but just the thought that I did it made me happy lol. 


I know I haven’t done the Smoothie Smack-Down posts in awhile but since its still summer and I’ve been exploring with other things, I will be continuing with a  few summer smoothies. the next one I’m doing is a Melon Melody Smoothie, you can find the fruit for this really simple this time of year but anyway I’m gonna leave that up to you, you’re probably annoyed because I didn’t post a recipe or anything in this post lol.

have a great summer!


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