The Smoothie Smack-Down! Round One

For the past six months my husband has been on the PT program because he failed his last PT test for his promotion. In the last four months he has barely eaten, workout (mandatory PT), and has lost a good amount of weight. For the last two months I have started making him smoothies, I am very proud of myself, oh, and him too of course lol.

Today I want to share a few smoothie recipes that I have collected, even though I haven’t made them yet. Smoothies are a great way to start off the day with a healthy treat, but it can also be expensive, buying tons of fruit all the time due to regular use. My favorite fruits to use are strawberries, bananas, and blueberries, which is a traditional Red,White, and Blue smoothie for the summer. But there are a few I would like to try out like the peanut-butter banana, or tropical melody, ect.

Most smoothies involve fruit, milk, ice, and yogurt, and sometimes oats or spices. If you are going to a very fruity smoothie I would reccomend using fruit flavored low fat yogurt. I didn’t have any plain yogurt on my first try and I used Strawberry-Banana low fat yogurt and then added a banana and some blueberries. Another good healthy trick to use is when adding milk use skim, almond, or low fat milk but be careful, too much milk will make your smoothie very watery and unless you use Almond Milk, there won’t be any taste of the milk.

Today’s experiment smoothie is a great breakfast smoothie and it smells amazing!!!!! I’ll tell you how I made it even though I didn’t measure anything (it came out watery due to alot of milk)

Banana Oatmeal Smoothie:

*Plain low fat yogurt

1 banana

1 package oatmeal     (i used maple and brown sugar)

*Almond Milk     (optional kind or use. don’t have to have milk)

* Ice Cubes (Start with four)


* for the Plain Low Fat Yogurt I just kinda filled the bottom of the blender with how much I thought would be a good consistancy, i did end up having to add more because I added too much milk and adding ice didn’t help. but yea, you can always add more to get the constistancy that you want.

* for the Almond Milk, you don’t have to add milk if you don’t want too, and you don’t have to use Almond Milk, I did since it lasts a long time and adds flavor and is healthy. the original recipe called for 1/2 cup of milk but I just eye-balled it  and added WAY too much! so be careful.

* A tip i picked up about blending a smoothie, you can but everything in the blender but put the ice on the top, I always put it on the bottom and can I could tell it was much easier to blend it that way.  This way the ice doesn’t get stuck in the blades or make it too choppy.

Anyway try this out! If you love oatmeal, fruit, and smoothies then this is a great breakfast snack!


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